Pasar Seni is the offspring of an Indonesian and American couple in love with the performance arts. Their website was developed in conjunction with the needs of the growing gamelan and dance communities in the United States and Europe, in order to accessibly supply them with authentic materials. The diversity of tradition among the 17,000-island archipelago is staggering, and so this site focuses primarily on Javanese and Balinese arts, ones primarily adopted by the Western world. Included are central Javanese court gamelan, classical dance, and puppetry, Sundanese music, Balinese gong kebyar, classical dance, puppetry and kecak dance. The scope of this offering includes music, video, costumes, instruments, puppets, batiks, mallets, and a plethora of additionals. The merchandise is chosen from markets and
makers that indigenous performers would use, items that will provide years of wear and enjoyment.
  Pasar Seni began as an Indonesian import shop in Saint Paul, Minnesota just after 9/11/2001. The items most sought after were crafts associated with the arts, such as batik sarongs, shadow and rod puppets, and sound recordings. These same items seemed desirable on eBay, and as out-of-state customers began ordering items from us directly, we saw a niche for ourselves on-line.
  At home, we too participate in community Javanese gamelan and dance classes through the Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota (IPAAM), and support them through local sales and member discounts.
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