The art of batik uses a simple set of tools to apply wax and dyes. Javanese stamps "tjap" and pipe shaped applicators "canthing" are used in conjunction with two or three grades of wax to create multitudes of beautiful designs, including the beautiful crackled effect.
The four sizes of "canthing" applicators featured here range in diameter. They are used for lines, dots, and fill. Sold as a set. The 7" inch aluminum pot below is used for melting wax over a low heat source such as a Bunsen burner. To view a complete set, click here. The set includes: four (4) canthing; one (1) melting pot; one (1) kilogram of wax pieces, various grades in equal amounts. To order, click here.
batiking stand
Batik wax comes in three varietes, for lines and masking. They differ is in elasticity and color. Wax is packaged in small pieces and sold by kilogram.
Batik stamps are copper inlaid in an iron grid frame. The stamp creates a repeating motif either itself or in alternation with other stamps. In multiple colored application, a "negative" version of the stamp is used for masking. The stamp is dipped in wax and applied to cotton, rayon, or silk. The cloth is then submerged in dye or spot brushed. The stamps we offer are retired and may contain residual wax and are sold "as is."  
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