Ankets with Jingles
Leather and sequins; gold paint, hand carved.
imensions 21" inches long.
Ties in back.
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Coil of fine-gauge, copper wire measured precisely for the Javanese rebab.
Comes individually packaged, manufactured in Surakarta, Java.

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Oleg Headdress
Beautiful crown of gold tinsel, leather inner band,
inset with flowers. Dimensions 20" inches
circumference x 14" inches high.
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Sekarjagat Headdress
Woven inlaid leather and beads, sequins.
Ddimensions 20" inches circumference.
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Srimpi Headdress
Leather, carved and painted, sequins. Complete with
. Dimensions: 21" inches with tie in back.
Plume colors in yellow, red, and pink also available.
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Kelinci Headdress
White felt, cloth & leather. Molded with stiff ears.
Carved leather surround painted gold. Chin straps.
Dimensions 10" inches diameter. Cotton / poly blend.
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Golek Headdress
Leather and sequins; dyed feathers, hand carved.
imensions 21" inches long. Orange feathers
Ties in back.
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