Drum Heads
Leather, original heads for Javanese kendang gede, ciblon/wayang,
and ketipung. Sets include two skins, larger and smaller, cut to fit the
average drum dimensions. Manufactured in Surakarta, Java.
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Coil of fine-gauge, copper wire measured precisely for the Javanese rebab.
Comes individually packaged, manufactured in Surakarta, Java.

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Wooden, hand-carved 'X' stand for Javanese kendang measures 19" inches
long, 15" across at the top and 10" inches high. Carved and painted with
traditional floral motifs. Manufactured in Yogiakarta, Java.
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Tightening Rings - "suh"
Braided leather rings for tuning the kendang.
Added when restringing.
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Cording "janget"
Leather strapping for the Javanese kendang family.
Sold per meter, manufactured in Surakarta, Java.

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